About Us


My name is Luke and I didn't know much about metal detecting until my Dad decided to start the hobby. At this point I became interested and wanted to try it myself. 

I joined some Facebook groups and spoke to some people and before long I was on my first group dig! We only had 1 detector between us so we took it in turns digging and detecting. We went from hole to hole and we did not find much at all, but, I thoroughly enjoyed it and I got the urge to do it again, and again and again, I was hooked!

Overtime I secured my own detector. I started with a Teknetics T2+. I went on more and more group digs and my ability grew and grew. My finds were improving and I was digging a lot less iron. It wasn't long before I was graced with my very first Hammered coin! I was over the moon. I can still remember it to this day. 

I dug it out, cleaned it gently and began to place it in my finds box. This was a box I bought off amazon at the start of my metal detecting journey and I could not open it with my gloves on. It took me a while, taking my gloves off to open the box and place my very first Hammered coin inside. 

After I got home I couldn't help but think I could make my own box and improve on the design. I had my own 3D printer and I had the knowledge of how to design 3D objects on my computer. I set about designing my very first finds box. 

I designed it, I printed it and assembled it. My first completely unique finds box. I was very happy with it and I took it on a number of digs. Over time I began to find flaws and I went back to the designs table and re jigged the design. 

I was getting more and more questions from fellow detectorists about my designs and more and more interest. 

I was just finishing a dig when someone approached me and asked if I could make them a finds box to which I happy obliged. I took their ideas of design away with me and made them a box, they were very happy and said to me I should make more and sell them. I had never thought about doing this before but it is something I enjoy doing. 

I can combine my passion for detecting and 3D printing and offer out 3D printed items to help my fellow detectorists in the field. 

I'm contently thinking up new ideas and designs and I can not wait to make stuff for my fellow detectorists and if anyone has any unique ideas or designs I would very much like to hear about them!


Thank you again and I look forward to seeing you in the fields!